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symet robot  light seeking solar robot
   Symet       Photopopper

Light seeking robot  solar light seeking headbot
   Ray       Stalker

mouse robot  sumo robot
   Mouse       Police

walking robot  sumo robot
   Learner       Police V2

hexapod, walking robot  tracked sumo robot
   Queen Ant  Challenger  

solar pendulum    micro walking robot
   Magbot     Drone Ant   

RADAR hexapod    line following robot
  RADAR        Firebot   


Useful BEAM links:

Solarbotics - The best BEAM resources
Totalrobots - UK based suppliers
eBeamUK - UK based suppliers of great BEAM products
SheekGeek - BEAM and educational kit suppliers
Yahoo BEAM - BEAM community
Solarbotics.net - Community pages
EShock - Liverpool Uni's Elec Engineers society
JWGoerlich's site - A fellow BEAMer who has made some great robots. Also some great Solar Engine tests!


I will try to list as many useful circuits as possible here. There is nothing worse than not being able to find the circuits that you want! Click on the links to see them in a new window... if they appear distorted it may be because your browser is reducing their size to fit them in the window! if this happens, right click and save them to disk. I have started to add BEAM robot PCB's and PCB layouts to this page. The PCB's are created in PDF and will print to the actual size. I can supply them in emf, or gbx files if requested.

Many circuits here have been requested or created for the BEAM Yahoo group by other contributors.

Please feel free to suggest any circuits that you would like to see here, or if you have a circuit, please send it to me and I will put it on. Tom Elner


Walker Robot Circuits

Mini Sumo Robot Circuits

Herbie Robot Circuits and other light seeking circuits

Line following Robots

Other Circuits

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