Dental Care

Halitosis which is commonly referred to as bad breath is a condition in which an unpleasant odor is present in the mouth. It can be quite uncomfortable for the people around people suffering from halitosis. Bad breath can be caused by underlying disorders in the lungs, throat or stomach. It can also be caused by lack of proper hygiene.

Ways Of Preventing And Eliminating Halitosis

Brush And Floss More Often

The plaque which is the sticky build up on the teeth collects bacteria that cause bad breath. Trapped foods also make the situation worse. It is, therefore, advisable to brush teeth twice in a day, preferably after breakfast and before going to bed. Flossing at least once on a daily basis is also advised. Overdoing things should, however, be avoided. Brushing too much will wear down the teeth making them susceptible to decay.

Scrape The Tongue

When brushing teeth, the tongue should also be cleaned. The coating that forms on top of the tongue hosts smelly bacteria. To get rid of them, the tongue should be brushed gently. If the brush is too big, a scraper can be used. Scrapers are designed to apply pressure on the surface of the tongue evenly. They are more efficient because they eliminate the bacteria and dead cells that are on the tongue which brushing alone cannot do.

Rinse The Mouth Out

Rinsing the mouth out using mouthwash is an effective way of preventing bad breath. Mouthwash kills bacteria that cause bad breath. In addition to killing germs that cause bad breath, mouthwash has a mint effect that leaves the mouth feeling fresh. After eating, it is good, to rinse the mouth with water so that the food particles that got stuck in the mouth can be eliminated.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking not only causes cancer, but it is also detrimental to dental health. It damages gums, stains teeth and causes bad breath. Smokers are advised to get nicotine patches that will help them to reduce their urge to smoke. Booking appointments with the doctors will help smokers to get medication or prescriptions that will kill the habit.

Moisten The Mouth

Tooth decay and bad breath are effects of not producing enough saliva. If the mouth is dry, drinking plenty of water is advisable. Chewing sugarless gum is also recommended because it facilitates production of more saliva. Trying out humidifiers at night to keep the air in the house moist will also help.