Best Spots to Install a Nanny Spy Camera

Hidden cameras might be the most common spy gadget for a home security. Everyone knows these devices objectively. However, it can be challenging to find the best spot to hide it, especially if you want to spy on your nanny.

As parents, you always want your nanny to work at their best instead of wasting time playing with their phone. You also do not want them to be abusive to your child by shaking or kicking your child around. However, the nannies somehow notice the hidden cameras’ existence, so they put an act and be an ogre only outside the camera spot. 

It is even funnier when a nanny-cam advertisement also indicates a good spot to hide these little gadgets. Hence, you have to be more creative to achieve rapid success with your spy cameras. Although it can be against the law to not inform the nanny about the hidden camera, it is sometimes necessary for your children’s safety. Follow this guide to using a spy camera with some great ideas of the best hidden spots to install it.

The Children’s Room

nursery roomMost nannies understand that a hidden camera is installed in the children’s nursery room. It is where she spends time to perform her jobs, so they indeed behave at best even though there is not one. In any case, it is always a good strategy to conceal one there. You might want to put a picture frame placed near the baby’s mattress or this crib’s head. This way, you know how the nanny’s face when she smiles or scares the baby through the camera.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is still another popular place. However, you have to be creative to find the best spot to put the nannies hidden cams without using an extra one. Try to think and search for a wide area and zoom in to see how she is preparing food for the kids. Place the camera in a smoke sensor within the ceiling or use a mirror lamp on the kitchen counter. Those two can be a great choice.

The Bathroom

toiletAs the bathroom can be a place with high accident-prone, it is better to install a hidden camera. You can put it on the bathroom wall to capture every movement of the nanny toward your child. Be careful not to set it in a blocked spot. If you can install it accurately, you can know why your baby has a bump in the head when the nanny cannot tell you.

The Living Room

In the living room, you can use the pinhole camera. Most nannies like to spend their time in front of the TV with kids. You might want to check whether she lets your children watch their favorite cartoons. It also ensures that she does not use it to watch some inappropriate movies for kids. This preventive is essential because children are prone and can be influenced by what they hear and see. 

Both Walls

In some YouTube videos revealing the nannies’ cruelty, most do not show the baby’s visibility because the nanny’s back blocks it. You could not see whether she is holding or pinching the baby. Please do not repeat this mistake and fix it by installing the cameras on both walls. If you have recorded the nanny’s violence on camera, fire her immediately. Do not hesitate to do it before it might harm your baby.

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