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Welcome to my Site, TomboT - and the home of Liverpool Universities BEAM robotics

Tom Elner Tom Elner BEng (Hons) MIET CEng. For my full CV in pdf format, please click here - Tom Elner CV.

I am a graduate of The University of Liverpool with a 2:1 BEng (hons) in Computer and Robotics systems. I am very passionate about building robots and have inspired my colleagues to do the same. I am currently employed as a Consultant with EA Technology, where I work with the Startgic Asset Managment Team. In my spare time I offer a PC fixing and repair service in Penley and Ellesmere

Myself and some friends demonstrated to the University how simple robots can be built which provide an excellent learning platform, and as a result the University have changed the way they utilise their Year 1 lab sessions to include our robots.
From now on the year 1's start by building a simple Symet robot in their first lab session, they then move on to build a line following obstacle avoiding robot, this can take the form of a BEAM robot or a micro-processor controlled robot.

My year 2 university project, for which I won a best project of the year award for, was a light seeking walking hexapod robot, Queen Ant. Queen Ant walks and seeks light without the use of a single micro-processor, not a single line of human programming has been used, yet the 6 legs walk perfectly. My final year project for which I achieved a first class grade, was another hexapod, this one is a human heat seeking hexapod robot, R.A.D.A.R.

With this site I hope to inspire others to build BEAM robots, and offer a general reference point for anyone interested in them. Please feel free to ask questions via e-mail or in the forum.

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On this site you will find:
  • Year Ones: Any problems with your projects, or need help with robot ideas? Let us know in the forum
  • BEAM robot circuits - a comprehensive list of circuits including solar engines, and full robot circuits
  • My BEAM robots - walking robots, solar powered photopopper, sumobots, solar racers, headbots and more
  • University of Liverpool BEAM robot information
  • BEAM robot Tutorials and robot building tips
  • Javascript programs - including a handy resistor calculator, binary hexidecimal and denary converters, and Mastermind game
  • C - programming examples - also including a resistor calculator, hex converter, matrix program, and misc uni projects
  • Forum - chat about anything, ask questions about robots, seek help with uni work, tell jokes!

Symet BEAM robot  Police - mini sumo robot Headbot, Light seeking robot  Queen Ant Walking robot
A few of my BEAM robots

My Robots:

Robots being developed:


UPDATES! 10/09/09

Finally an update! Been very busy with my baby girl and job. I'm adding some new c code and working on a new robot.

Be sure to check out my new Word Mangler C source code in the C section.


I am now working as a graduate Power Engineer designing LV networks!

2:1 BEng (hons)

I graduated from The University of Liverpool in 2007


PCB's have been added for the mini-sumo, symet and Bicore walker robots


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